The Scandinavian and country lifestyle, differences and similarities listed down

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Two of the interior styles that I use the most in designs, two of the styles that are the most popular at this moment, I will list down for you. What are the characteristics? What are the differences? A quick overview!

Scandinavian lifestyle

A trend that’s been conquering our living rooms at a cracking pace over the past few years and months. Especially young people jump onto the wagon of the high North, which, according to me, has a lot to do with the way they live there. Sustainable, aware, in harmony, and with respect for the environment. Elements that, in times of wifi and bursting diaries, become more and more important.

For those following my blog, you know this is my favourite style. The interior design of our northern neighbours has a very peaceful and sober look. It’s authentic and simple, with attention to details and an attractive design. Furthermore, functionality and usability are highly important. In other words, a perfect mix for all those living a hectic life. The Scandinavian style lies very close to the modern country style, but differs significantly in the use of colours and the kind of furniture.


Basic idea

  • Neutral, white base
  • Functionality
  • Warm and light home
  • Nature!
  • Clear lines


  • Natural
  • Good design/sustainable
  • Colourful deco
  • Felt
  • Eco-friendly


  • Black/grey and pastel
  • Graphic prints & typo

Modern country lifestyle

The country/cottage style has always done quite well in our Flemish homes. Nowadays, a lot of young families make a well-considered choice for this kind of interior, although it concerns a more sophisticated and modern version. It’s not strange people opt for this. The country style is actually quite a neutral, warm and cosy style to live in.


Basic idea

  • Neutral base
  • Comfort & luxury
  • Cosiness
  • Open fire


  • Natural
  • Solid furniture
  • Wood beams
  • Wainscoting
  • Simple fabrics
  • Wrought iron details


  • Sober
  • Lots of (warm) white
  • Grey & brown
  • Tone on tone

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Eliza De Waele

A home is so much more than just a pile of bricks and some insulation. Our home is our start and end point. The place where we settle, where we feel, smell and experience. The place where we meet, relax and dream. So it is also logical that turning the pile of bricks into a cosy home is a real hobby or passion for many. Creating a cocoon, a warm nest for yourself and all the people around you sometimes takes some effort, but you also get so much back. We grow up, laugh and talk there. The structure and design of your home are important factors in how we experience the times. Time and time again I find it an amazing task to create the perfect interior for customers based on their needs and stories.