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We want to use our blog to keep you informed, help you to choose, but also to inspire you. Luc, our technical advisor, shares his knowledge of parquet floor. With his years of experience he knows all the ins and outs of the business, and should anything go wrong he knows the right solution. Isabel knows all our collections through and through, she helps you choose by giving an explanation of the types of parquet floor and offers advice on the best floor for each project. Our interior specialist Eliza writes on the blogs around interior design covering various subjects. The latest trends, combining materials and so much more.
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Blue as the sea is hipper than hip!

In 2017 the colour of the sea will be an essential element in our living room! Being a coast resident, I could never be sorry for this of course....

Rugs are hot: a summary!

Floors are an important element of the house. You walk, sit, stand or lay on them and they are just crucial when it comes to creating a vibe in your...