Setting up the smallest room!

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The toilet is often the smallest room in the house, still I think it deserves a little attention. It’s a place that’s being visited by guests as well, so it’s nice if it looks good. However, people often consider the smallest room redundant or extra, but in fact it’s the ideal opportunity to unleash your creativity and let yourself go for once. I love it when I open a toilet door and a completely different world appears from it. In this blog you may find some great ideas:

On the walls

Like I said, the toilet is the perfect space to completely unleash yourself. Don’t keep it too nice. Go for that wallpaper you fell in love with at first sight, but were too insecure to hang up, because the print was too obvious or the colours were way too loud. Paint it completely in blackboard paint, and let your guests leave messages, or go for a cool photo wallpaper. You can do anything you want. Everything’s possible!  


Nice attributes

Thanks to accessories you can easily cheer up the room. Choose an original toilet brush for example. Think about a toilet bin, wash basin, towels, soap dispenser. Nowadays, you can find very original items.



It’s always nice using quotes. Words and sayings that mean something to you and your family, so you make it all a bit more personal. Nice postcards, fun beer coasters, or a classy birthday calendar including meaningful sayings for example. These quotes can be very philosophical or on the other hand super funny, the choice is yours. What we do is hang our home-made Christmas cards every year. Each year I make a Christmas card with a funny picture, which I hang up in our toilet.


Think about the fragrance

The smell is something that is important for every room, but especially in your bathroom! Today, you find a bunch of alternatives to the ordinary automatic bowl cleaners. Think about fragrance bags or a high quality room spray. Another fine option is to light a scented candle when you have guests, which ensures an instant feeling of being at home. Make sure you put the candle somewhere safe, in a glass for example, and don’t forget to blow it out afterwards.

Now I’m very curious… What’s your toilet like?  

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