Decorating a playful kid’s room is child’s play with these tips!

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She’s finally here, our little girl! Almost two months old! All the clichés are true: it’s funny how time speeds by! Lucet is named after my boyfriend’s grand-mother. By now she sleeps in her own little room, which I don’t want to keep from you, of course! The very moment I found out I was pregnant, my search on Pinterest was on. I made several folders, and collected all the images I liked. Later on, I made a more distinct selection, because I actually like a lot of different styles, especially when it comes to kid’s rooms.

These are areas where you can do your thing, no matter how crazy it is. On the basis of five selected images, I made a list of all the things that I would need in order to actually realise the room. I drew a small ground plan, and together with my boyfriend, we went through it step by step. Ready to get to work! And you should take this literally, because the room used to be our lumber room. In other words, a lot of cleaning up, painting, and filling holes had to be done.

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The basis

For the walls I opted for two main colours that I picked from the Levis range: the greyish blue Denim Drift (trending colour of 2017) and Marcel. From the very beginning I knew I wanted an open clothing rack, after a long quest and a lot of thinking over, we found this precious piece of Fifti Fifti, a German design studio. And honestly, this rack is fabulous! It’s made out of 3 pieces only, and it’s so easy to assemble. The small rack at the bottom with the white boxes, we found at IKEA.


A good sofa and some sweet music

A great sofa was also a must, we chose this awesome chair from Sofacompany. It is so comfortable, we even considered moving it downstairs to the living room. The crib is one from the Scandinavian STOKKE collection. In my opinion, a crib is a bit a waste of money, mostly it’s expensive. Our baby bed is adjustable, and with some modifications, Lucet will be able to sleep in it until she’s eight. We believe it is worth the investment. The musical mobile is from CamCam and the star garland from Numero74, which I found at Lidor, a very nice webshop!


A nice little curtain

Eventually we needed a curtain. One that darkens the room nicely, and to be honest that was not so simple. I knew I had been using quite a lot of different colours already (pink, white, blue, gold,…), so the curtain needed to be neutral. At Heytens (a Belgian store), they showed me this felt-like fabric, and I was sold immediately. I did the measuring and three weeks later I got my curtain delivered. I think it matches perfectly with the rest of the room. What do you think?

It’s too much to illustrate the whole room and all the items, but if you’re interested, there’s an elaborated shopping list on my blog.

To list all the points:

  • Go all the way for once: it’s okay for a kid’s room to be bright and playful
  • Stick to a certain colour range for a clean result
  • Opt for an adjustable bed, a bit more expensive, but to be used for years
  • Get a comfortable chair with a high back for feeding your baby at night
  • Get a curtain that darkens the room nicely. It’s important your baby knows the difference between day & night. How to? Bring in the light during the day, make it dark by night.
  • Think about storage space: not everything needs to go in one wardrobe. Consider an open rack, old dresser, or fashionable storage bags.
  • When it comes to lighting, there are possibilities as well: an origami lamp, or a Miffy bunny lamp for example.
  • Invest in a good waste bin. I bought a Brabantia bin, because they have such stylish colours.
  • A playful poster (the pineapple from Trixie baby) is the finishing touch!


Good luck!

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