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Written by Eliza De Waele on 26-Apr-2017 16:26:00 Topics inspiration

Wood. We have this connection. It’s such a beautiful product and in its various aspects it can be a true asset to your interior. When I think about wood on the floor, I immediately link it to parquet. This is and will always remain the real deal for me. Personally, a genuine wood floor will always get priority over an imitation product like laminate for instance.

Often clients try to approach the look and feel of a wood floor with a laminate, but in my opinion, it’s not the same, laminate is not a natural product, which you will always see somehow. Of course I understand their choice, the price for such materials is much lower, but, honestly, nowadays it’s not that difficult to find a budget-friendly wood floor as well. Great example, Lamett’s ranges Matisse and Toulouse. In terms of quality a very strong product at a very reasonable price.


Both ranges are medium rustic, which means that you will spot a knot here and there and you will notice some colour variation between the boards. Personally, I prefer medium rustic wood floors. For me a select or clean parquet lacks a bit the wood look, while a rustic one has it too much at some point. Medium rustic is something in between. This is the reason why a lot of people go for it. It simply suits any interior.


What I really like is this kind of medium rustic wood floor in a modern interior, in combination with lots of white, and for example with an epoxy floor. Instant warm and cosy feeling guaranteed. In a more modern interior, I would opt for a natural colour/finish, like the Toulouse or Matisse Natural White. As you’re combining different styles and materials, keep in mind not to overdo the whole picture. In short, a natural finish is the best option. Both ranges also offer the colour Deep Grey. Grey is often a colder colour, but in a space where a lot of light comes in, and where you want to put an accent, this is the right choice!


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Eliza De Waele

A home is so much more than just a pile of bricks and some insulation. Our home is our start and end point. The place where we settle, where we feel, smell and experience. The place where we meet, relax and dream. So it is also logical that turning the pile of bricks into a cosy home is a real hobby or passion for many. Creating a cocoon, a warm nest for yourself and all the people around you sometimes takes some effort, but you also get so much back. We grow up, laugh and talk there. The structure and design of your home are important factors in how we experience the times. Time and time again I find it an amazing task to create the perfect interior for customers based on their needs and stories.