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Written by Eliza De Waele on 20-Sep-2016 10:32:00 Topics inspiratie

With the rise of the Scandinavian lifestyle, we embraced the colour white in our living rooms. All the walls, and even floors, we try to keep as light as possible. I am a fan myself, obviously. It brings in the light and it makes it so much easier to decorate a room. When you keep a neutral base, you can add much colour and texture to your furniture and accessories. Yet in 2017, we find that darker colours are gaining in popularity. From night blue to dark wine red, and even black and dark grey are doing very well. If it were you, what would you pick?


In short

A light & bright interior

  • Brings in loads of natural light
  • Makes the room looks bigger 
  • Easy to combine with other colours, materials, textures 
  • Feels peaceful and pure 
  • Dirt & scratches more visible on walls and floors 
  • Timeless

Some of Lamett's light wooden flooring donkerenlicht3.jpeg

A dark interior

  • Creates a cosy cocoon
  • Feels very homely and warm
  • Makes the room looks smaller
  • Creates depth and contrast
  • Equals a luxurious look
  • Not timeless, will be outdated

Personally, I think both styles can be very beautiful, but a lot depends on the room itself. What kind of room is it? Is there a lot of natural light? An office deserves light colours, while a living room is cosier and gets away easier with darker shades. Having a dark room to cocoon in a very white and bright house sounds like the ultimate solution. Combining light and dark, so you don’t have to choose at all. Best of both worlds!

Some of Lamett's dark wooden flooring


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Eliza De Waele

A home is so much more than just a pile of bricks and some insulation. Our home is our start and end point. The place where we settle, where we feel, smell and experience. The place where we meet, relax and dream. So it is also logical that turning the pile of bricks into a cosy home is a real hobby or passion for many. Creating a cocoon, a warm nest for yourself and all the people around you sometimes takes some effort, but you also get so much back. We grow up, laugh and talk there. The structure and design of your home are important factors in how we experience the times. Time and time again I find it an amazing task to create the perfect interior for customers based on their needs and stories.