Keep your wooden floor in good shape this winter!

Written by Luc Hendrickx on 18-Dec-2018 12:16:45 Topics maintenance & installation

During winter, we like it warm and cosy inside: we turn up the heat or light the fireplace and we pay attention to close the door each time.  That's fine, but this decreases the air humidity and that makes your wooden floor suffer. 

Bhygrometeretween 45 and 65%, this is the ideal indoor humidity level for you and your wooden floor as well. If the humidity is lower, your wooden floor will shrink and even - worst case scenario - crack.  But if the level is too high your floor might expand.  

With a hygrometer you can measure this easily.

Some tips to gauge the relative humidity: 

Tip 1: install a humidifier

A humidifier is a very effective device that can help you maintaining the humidity 
between 45 and 65 percent during winter. They come in different types and sizes, hence there is always one that perfectly meets the needs of your space
Practically: The water tank should be refilled weekly.  Indicate someone in the house to take care of this task, so it won't be forgotten.

Tip 2: ventilate
Especially on rainy days, it's recommended to open windows and doors for a quarter of an hour.  Maybe not very attractive, but it's an easy way to increase the indoor humidity.  In freezing weather, this is less effective because also outside the humidity level drops.

Tip 3: buy air-purifying plants
Some plants not only create a great atmosphere and generate oxygen in your interior, they even purify the air.  They convert CO2 into oxygen and produce water vapor, which improves the humidity in the house.  A good idea for in your living room or sleeping room.  
Some good air-purifying plants: 
  • spider plant
  • pilae
  • english ivy


You have a wooden floor which is oiled?  

Then it's important to keep it well nourished.  Always use appropriate soaps for the weekly maintenance (e.g. Woca Natural Soap). 

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