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Each third Saturday of the month you can find me in the Lamett showroom at Deerlijk, Belgium. A nice, and inspirational place to be. Everyone is welcome for interior advice (by appointment only), and those moments are never dull. Every time I get to hear new creative stories. 

People who are renovating their own nest, building a second home, a new business, and so on. It’s incredibly much fun that they let me be a part of their quest. Together we look for solutions regarding colours, style and materials. Very often they ask me about their floors too. So I give them tips and tricks, and together we nose around in the showroom. Awesome and inspirational Saturdays, if you ask me!


Almost all Lamett ranges are oiled floors, except for the one I’ll introduce to you today. The New York range is a lacquered parquet and therefore does not absorb any liquid. The New York is in general quite a rigid wood floor, which means it is quite smooth. You barely note any colour differences between the boards, and there are almost no knots to be spotted. This parquet suits perfectly for any kind of interior. Think about cottage style to very modern interiors. This floor doesn’t ask for much attention thanks to its peaceful look. As a consequence, you are freer in other interior decisions. A flooring in a particular colour or design will ask much more attention, and therefore you should always keep it in the back of your mind when you decide to paint, or buy a new sofa,… While a peaceful floor like this always matches with anything.


In the pictures you see a natural finish: the Natural White, but the floor also exists in other and darker shades. What do you think? Would you go for this floor? Would it fit in your living room?

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Eliza De Waele

A home is so much more than just a pile of bricks and some insulation. Our home is our start and end point. The place where we settle, where we feel, smell and experience. The place where we meet, relax and dream. So it is also logical that turning the pile of bricks into a cosy home is a real hobby or passion for many. Creating a cocoon, a warm nest for yourself and all the people around you sometimes takes some effort, but you also get so much back. We grow up, laugh and talk there. The structure and design of your home are important factors in how we experience the times. Time and time again I find it an amazing task to create the perfect interior for customers based on their needs and stories.