Farm stands for authenticity!

Written by Eliza De Waele on 19-Jul-2016 14:00:00 Topics inspiratie

Now and then, I will try to put a Lamett collection into the spotlight on this blog. Choosing a floor is quite a final and permanent matter. I suppose you don’t want to change your floors yearly ? Coming to such a crucial decision, it makes sense you get all the required information.

It is important to know the characteristics of a floor. Should a floor be especially user-friendly and easy to maintain, rather have a warm look, or be resistant to moisture/water to some extent? These are all kinds of features you should take into account. But of course, the eye wants its part as well. A floor covering is quite a key factor in your living room, it must match perfectly with the style you have in mind.


The Farm range is utterly rustic and has a lot of knots and cracks. It has the look of a parquet that’s been there for ages. It is the perfect way to add authenticity to a room. I hear you thinking, this floor only belongs to houses that embrace the country charm. On the contrary, the Farm range fits perfectly in a modern interior as well. By placing a rustic floor in an overall modern interior, you create a cosier and warmer home. The floor will fill the space to a higher degree, because the décor is quite pronounced, and it contains considerable relief, and colour variation. In my opinion, this floor can be definitely implemented into a minimalist interior design!


The look of the floor is not a coincidence, each plank is treated manually to achieve the desired result. Bizarre, isn’t it? Knowing that every and each plank in your living room was created by someone’s hands.

What do you think?  By the way, this range exists in multiple colour shades! 

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Eliza De Waele

A home is so much more than just a pile of bricks and some insulation. Our home is our start and end point. The place where we settle, where we feel, smell and experience. The place where we meet, relax and dream. So it is also logical that turning the pile of bricks into a cosy home is a real hobby or passion for many. Creating a cocoon, a warm nest for yourself and all the people around you sometimes takes some effort, but you also get so much back. We grow up, laugh and talk there. The structure and design of your home are important factors in how we experience the times. Time and time again I find it an amazing task to create the perfect interior for customers based on their needs and stories.