Blue as the sea is hipper than hip!

Written by Eliza De Waele on 11-Jan-2017 15:13:00 Topics interior trends

In 2017 the colour of the sea will be an essential element in our living room! Being a coast resident, I could never be sorry for this of course. Working on this article, I came to think of it: I actually have a bunch of blue items in my closet. My boyfriend has also generally blue outfits, and the principal colour of his company’s branding is blue as well. The fact that blue is now turning into a true trend, we can only encourage!

On fairs, in magazines, and on lifestyle blogs, everywhere you come across some kind of variant. Among the bestsellers are rich and deep indigo blue (like the text board in the shape of a house, see images), but also greyish blue is tremendously popular. It’s no surprise that Belgian paint brand Levis crowned Denim Drift its trending colour of 2017. And also, combinations are almost endless. You can mix different kinds of blue, even in one room. But it also combines perfectly with green, golden yellow, pink or white.


actually exist, and to show you how easily they are combinable. So, if you have plans to paint the house, you should definitely consider a blue tone. Especially for the bedroom it’s a go. Moreover, blue is very soft, and therefore it’ll never be really out.



Shopping list Quote board in the shape of a house with golden letters: Bloomingville by Vtwonen Note book with heart – Vtwonen Card “HELLO” – HEMA Art tile with print – Nordic Living Cushion with double print – Magaloon by Vtwonen Dip dye plaid – Scapa Home Mat/glossy storage jar – OYOY Living by Vtwonen Flower pot blue-green – Serax by Vtwonen Oval dish “Azur” – Salt & Pepper Coasters – Atelier Jacques Denim Drift blue paint – Levis Enamel coffee cup – Dille & Kamille Striped newborn hat – HEMA

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Eliza De Waele

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